woensdag 30 november 2011

Driest November ever recorded

Fellow bloggers Alan Sloman , Martin Rye , James Boulter and Andy Walker have been to the Yorkshire Dales where the weather has been a bit on the damp side last weekend. To say the least.
As Alan writes : "The weather forecast, unsurprisingly, was for wall to wall torrential downpours with a healthy dose of stormy buffeting." and "By this time the weather had taken an even more serious turn for the very worserer! It looked like firemen were training their hoses on the windows of the pub."

It's grim up north indeed.

On this side of the Northsea however November 2011 has been the driest november ever recorded with an average rainfall of only 9mm. The waterlevel of the river Rhine is very low at the moment and the Brits are to blame ;-) You're keeping all this stuff to yourselfs.
A year ago we were buried in snow during december but it's 10 dgrs Celsius today and no sign of snow coming. I prefer the 'no-snow-scenario' and just a little bit of rain now and then.
If I want torrential downpours I'll come to Great-Wet-Britain.

zondag 20 november 2011

May 2006 : An Teallach on Theooutdoors.nl

No tripreport yet but pictures are now available. The plan was to do the Inverlael and Fannichs Munros first but due to very strong winds I had to bail out from both. The date for An Teallach had been set to be able to climb with old friends so some days were filled with unplanned things like visiting the Inverewe Gardens, Gruinard Bay and a drive to the Cairngorms. See : www.theooutdoors.nl  

zaterdag 12 november 2011

May 2010 visit to Skye

I've added a new story to my website. It's about my visit to Scotland with my oldest son, 11 at the time.
Most of our holiday together was spent on Skye (Coire Lagan, Sgurr na Banachdaich, The Old Man of Storr and Quiraing).
You can read it on www.theooutdoors.nl .

woensdag 9 november 2011

New website : theooutdoors.nl

In the past I've had my pictures hosted by Fotopic.net but they went out of business. Hundreds of pictures of Scotland, Lake district and The Netherlands couldn't be viewed anymore.
Also my TGO Challenge 2007 story was lost. Luckily I still had it on an external hard disk so I was able to rewrite it and put it on a new personal website : www.theooutdoors.nl .

My Challenge story has now been written but having visited Scotland and the ELD since 1995 there's a gigantic task to be done. New chapters will be added in the future but don't hold your breath.
Just have a look at my website now and then.

zondag 6 november 2011

Autumn colours 2 and 3

It's exceptionally warm and dry for the time of year and not that many wind. The leaves are nevertheless falling rapidly at the moment. The first three pictures are taken a week ago, the last three today.
Oak leaves

All together now... 


Schaep en Burgh

Alas, not my driveway (Schaep en Burgh) 

The Spanderswoud, Bantam and Schaep en Burgh are former estates between Bussum and 's Graveland. They are now owned by Natuurmonumenten en Goois Natuur Reservaat.