woensdag 21 november 2012

TGO Challenge 2013 : my route

For my first Challenge, in 2007, I had planned a high level route with lots of Munros. On day 1 I took an almost leathal fall while approaching The Saddle and ended up with a total of just 2 Munros, all bagged on day 1.
For 2013 I've again planned a high level route containing 45 Munros this time. Don't say it, I know I'm mad.  I'm aware of all difficulties that one can encounter during the Challenge : injurie, bad weather (like in 2011 and 2012), snow covering the summits, even meeting old (and new) Challenge friends can change ones plans.
Not to mention the vetter's comments ! I'm sure there'll be plenty of that.
"Rising the 45"
Day 1 : Inverie to River Carnach (camp)
Day 2 : River Carnach to Lochan Dubh-Glen Pean (camp)
Day 3 : Lochan Dubh to Glen Suileag (camp)
Day 4 : Glen Suileag to Glen Nevis (Youth Hostel)
Day 5 Glen Nevis - Mamores - near Sgurr Eilde Mor (camp)
Day 6 : near S.E.M. to near Chno Dearg (camp)
Day 7 : near Chno Dearg to near Coire Pitridh (camp)
Day 8 : near Coire Piridh to Dalwhinnie (bunkhouse)
Day 9 : Dalwhinnie to near Beinn Bhreac (camp)
Day 10 : near Beinn Bhreac to Loch nan Eun (camp)
Day 11 : Loch nan Eun to near Tolmount (camp) 
Day 12 : Tolmount - Lochnagar - Glen Mark (camp)
Day 13 : Glen Mark to Glen Esk (camp)
Day 14 : Glen Esk to St.Cyrus (campsite) 
Are you still there ? Did someone faint ? No worries, mate ! The weather will be superb so I won't be needing all those Foul Weather Alternatives I made in advance.
I'll have one spare day that I'll probably need. Not for resting but for being behind schedule so I've booked my Challenge dinner for the friday. I'll will try to finish on Thursday though.
I'll be the bearded, fit looking, tanned guy at the bar. 

zaterdag 17 november 2012

TGO Challenge 2013 : before you know it...

This week I received good news from the honourable Mr.Manning from Settle. I was lucky in the draw for the TGO Challenge crossing of Scotland in May 2013. I also got permission from SWHTBO, she's lovely.
Yesterday I submitted my route : "Rising the 45", starting in Mallaig and finishing in St.Cyrus.

Today I started my Challenge training. Apart from Chris Highcock's 'Hillfit' and the indoor hometrainer I've got to get the legs used to walking distances again and the back to carrying heavy rucksacks.
With the dogs I covered 12,5km today in just over 2 hours with a staggering 25m of ascent. Yep, it's hilly over here.

I'll keep you informed about my progress and the vetter's comments on my route.