woensdag 31 maart 2010

A Sunday walk : Black Mountain

Of course this is the Dutch meaning of 'mountain', a hill at least 5 meter higher then its surroundings. She Who Has To Be Obeyed, kids (Those Who Have To Obey) and dog and humble me went for a sundaymorning walk south of Hilversum.

We parked the car near nature reserve 'Zwarte Berg'. Much to our surprise we encountered total destruction. In The Netherlands Ecological Connection Zones are being constructed for flora and fauna to be able to migrate more easily from one area to another. Nearby this Distruction Area a new Ecoduct will be build crossing a busy local road. A many millions costing project and therefore you need to destroy nature of course.

The kids loved it. Climbing up and down those heaps of black earth and nobody telling you to keep your clothes clean. It reminded me of my youth when building sites weren't fenced in.
It's just a bloody disgrace old pinetrees had to be killed to 'save' nature.
In Holland nature is 'managed'. How much does that cost (us) ? 100 million Euros ? Each year. And how many years will they be managing ? 10 ? A 100 ? THOUSEND YEARS ? Nature will take over eventually so my advise is : give up managing right now. It's a battle humans can't win.

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