vrijdag 17 december 2010

Winter returns

Winter returned today with a vegeance. We drove Cameron to school for his last schoolday of 2010 and my wife Katinka, my daughter Kayla, our dog Atilla and I went for a walk. We were just in time for sunrise and we saw some stunning skies. I hope the pictures do justice to the beauty of this morning.

As soon as the sun appeared above the horizon these incredible colours returned to normal. Clouds were moving in and we could see more snow coming from the northwest. There wasn't much wind and the temperature was close to zero degrees Celsius. The walking was pleasant. 
After an hour and fifteen minutes we returned to the car and drove home. It didn't stop snowing until about 4 p.m.. The snowcover is 10-20cm thick and traffic has come to an halt in The Netherlands.
More snow is forecasted for tonight.

2 opmerkingen:

Alan Sloman zei

Beautiful photographs, Theo. It *does* look very cold there!

Theo zei

But not as cold as in Bonnie, or should I say frosty, Scotland. They're going for the record of the coldest december with a bonefreezing minus 20. Brrrrr.

Word = 'clear' as in the skies of Scotland