zondag 14 augustus 2011

Vertigo ? Don't watch this !

The weather hasn't been particularly sunny and warm this summer. Last tuesday I took advantage of a short dryspell and took my boys out for a day of altitude.
Near Apeldoorn, The Netherlands, on The Veluwe is 'Het Klimbos'. It's an outdoor activity centre offering you the opportunity to climb through the pinetrees upto a height of 15 meters. They have 2 junior routes for children who can reach to 1.4m and 4 routes for kids and adults who can reach to 1.8m and one tokkelroute.
Sit back on your couch, fasten your seatbelt and watch the walk through the trees for 15 minutes (it took us more than 3 hrs).

2 opmerkingen:

Alan Sloman zei

Possibly one of most scary things I have ever seen in my life!

(From someone who suffers from an appalling head for heights) That made me feel giddy just watching the boys!

Theo zei

You should try it sometime, Alan. As long as I can use my hands I'm ok and being secured by 2 carabiners is really a tremendous help. I was able to 'switch off' any perception of height.