woensdag 1 februari 2012

Mass grave

Treefelling has started last week. It feels like I'm somewhere else. I don't know this place.
Is this an open space in a forest, a breach or a crime scene ?
It feels like part of my body has been amputated.

I know this trees have been planted in the past for the production of wood for commercial reasons but that idea has been abandoned a long time ago in this forest. Perhaps I'll be able to appreciate it ten years from now.

And not a word in the local papers. No questions asked. It's legal I suppose but does it make sense ? Not to me it does. It's a mass grave and a lot of my friends have died.  

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Alan Sloman zei

They're probably making room for some new friends for you Theo: Turbines, perhaps?

Theo zei

Turbines our quite common in Holland. As you probably know Holland is very flat and turbines cab be seen from far away but we don't have any wilderness to spoil.
In the northeastern province Drenthe there's some controversy going on in a rural area. No it's not the protection of nature or wildlife or such thing : farmers that will accept turbines on their land will 'earn' a load of money and the value of properties without turbines will consequently fall back to zero. Those turbines will be 198m high. Who needs enemies if you can have a turbine-friend next door ?

Alan Sloman zei

When I saw that 198m figure I honestly thought it was a typo. But No! These things are going to be 650 feet high! The Enercon E-126 turbine. 7.58MW plated.


What's more astonishing is that Sweden has just ok'd a windfarm with 1100 of these beast!

Theo zei

For comparison : the Eiffeltower is 325m high. Stick three blades to it and light the city of lights (and build another 1099 Eiffeltowers).

Anoniem zei

Like I said on another blog: it is extreme nationalism. Everything that once was here, is good. Everything that has relatively recently entered (with human assitance) is not welcome.
Indeed: they base themselves on 1861 or omehting liek that. To give you a clue: the average january temperature back than in The Netherlands was 0,3 C. Nowdays it is 3,0 C and it is on the rise. Just an example of how big and rapid the change is. I hope Bleeker and co. will stop any subsidy for this kind of nature management. It is costly, does not seem to be connected on the reality but on the past. However: there is a clear change in ecology where people have decided to accept Novel ecosystems and stop stigmatising them. We see this more and more. This change I believe will gradually filter through in these organisations.