zondag 30 december 2012

Nichts neues im Westen (no news from the West)

I've send in my route 44 days ago and haven't received a vetter's comment yet. I've contacted the Dog at HQ in Settle by email after the advised 21 days of silence but he said to be patient.
Of course I'm willing to be patient but after checking my mailbox multiple times every day for weeks on end I'm turning into a mental patient myself.
The only therapy I'm doing is to research anything there is to find about my route on the web.
I'm using Geograph and Google to find pictures and tripaccounts. Isn't that taking away the adventure once you're there, I here you say ? Perhaps, but it's also fun to do the research beforehand. And believe me if I say circumstances will be different in real life. People don't tend to make pictures in really bad weather and in zero visibility it's good to now a bit about the terrain that lays in front of you.
Pictures say a thousand words but taken from a different angle a seemingly steep ascent or grade I scramble can turn out to be an easy stroll  into the sky. And vice versa of course.
I also found a warning about midges near Lochan Coire an Lochain (Chno Dearg), better make camp on the ridge if there's no wind. I hate the little monsters but they like me very much.

I've booked a bed at the Mallaig Backpackers and Glen Nevis Youth Hostel but haven't received a reaction from the Dalwhinnie Bunkhouse so far. Traintickets Montrose-Mallaig, Mallaig ferry and leaving the car at the Montrose campsite (if possible) still have to be arranged.
And receiving the devastating comments from my vetter of course.

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Anoniem zei

Hi Theo. 44 days? That sounds a lot longer than usual, but there must be a good reason if John has asked you to be patient. If it has been a couple of weeks since you emailed him, maybe it's time to send a "Happy New Year" message?!
My route is almost complete; I doubt I shall see you until Montrose as I shall be right down in the South of the Challange area.

Theo zei

Hi Judith,

I've been preparing this route for two years now so I thought better to send it in early before the majority even realises they have to make one. 'Two Routes across Scotland' has his route vetted by Ali and Sue and they've send him 'two and a half sides of A4'. Parts of my route have been walked before by Ali and if they give all the received routes that much attention it can take a while for them to reach a verdict. Perhaps they need assistance from other vetters, afterall my route has some strange crossing of glens, i.e. north to south instead of west to east. Patience is a virtue they say.