donderdag 2 mei 2013

Challenge gear

Until now I've seen only two gearlists for this years Challenge. There have been years everybody was blogging about their gearlist complete with milligrams but lightweight gear is normal and accepted nowadays. Tarps, trailshoes, helium filled backpacks : you name it, they take it.
I do try to replace 'heavy' items with lighter alternatives but you won't find me sleeping underneath a tarp. A Dutch woman is running (!) LeJog at the moment and had a very unpleasant encounter with a toad..... crawling on her face in the middle of the night. The tarp was immidiately exchanged for an Akto.

The total weight of my rucsac, including 4 days food, will be just a little bit less than 13 kilograms (28.6 lbs) : the lightest I've ever had for a multiday backpacking trip.
I will not bore you with milligrams.

Theo's list :

North Face Lodestar 70 rucsac
Hilleberg Akto  
Mamut Butterfly sleeping bag                       
NeoAir Xlite matras  
inflatable pillow
Campinggaz Bluet micro stove
Campinggaz CV300
potcosy pot
potcosy pouch
Pocket knife
walking poles
Satmap Active 10 gps incl ortlieb a6
6 AA batteries
4 AAA batteries
Geko 201 gps
Small torch
headtorch (Xenos)
Samsung photocamera incl. ortlieb a6
ortlieb mapcase with a4 printouts
survival blanket
drinking bottle
foldable sitmat
Karrimor drybag 2lt
Bever drybag 20 liter
Sea-to-summit drybag 20 liter
Sea-to-summit drybag 20 liter
Sea-to-summit drybag 2 liter
Eagle Creek chestpouch incl.plastic karabiners 
Personal care
First aid kit
Tick remover
Sportstape 3 m
Showergel (mini bottle)
Spare glasses with case
duct tape
Iron wire
Clothing etc.
4 pair of socks
2 Odlo underpants
Fleece hat
3 magic towels

North Face goretex trousers
Paramo Alta Jacket
Scarpa sl3 leather boots
1 synthetic longjohns

1 Icebreaker Skin 200 t-shirt
1 Icebreaker Skin 200 long sleeves
1 Icebreaker midlayer
3 handkerchiefs
windstopper gloves
6 pair plastic gloves
outdoordesign gaitors
Food and drink

3xadventure food en 1xknorr dried pasta
16 mueslibars
breakfast/lunch cereals 
with white raisins and 70% chocola incl.ortlieb a4
15 teabags
Mobile phone
ID, cards, drivers license, money, etc.
Diary + pen

I've sent two parcels with food and batteries to Fort William and Dalwhinnie.

In 5 days Í'll be taking the ferry from IJmuiden to Newcastle. It's getting close now. 



2 opmerkingen:

Alan Sloman zei

Is the ferry getting closer, or Newcastle?
My gram counter list will be up in a few days time - similar weight to yours, Theo.
Have a great trip.

Theo zei

The ferry is getting closer.... and moving away again...and getting closer.. and.. .
My greatgreatgreat-etc.-grandfather used to walk to Newcastle y'now.

Your pack could be lighter without all those illegal substances ;-)