zondag 10 oktober 2010

Monday May 10 : Aonach Mor cable car & Glen Nevis

Believe me, I'm not your standard tourist. Really I'm not. Today started different. We used the Aonach Mor Skiing Centre cable car. Like real tourists do. Go up and walk to the two viewpoints, take some pictures, get back down again. A shame we weren't here yesterday during the mountain bike downhill competition. Scary stuff !  
After this years very wintry winter there was still some snow left in the lower parts of the skiing area. Enough to throw some at dad at least.

RtoL: Carn Beag Dearg - Carn Dearg Meadhonach - Carn Mor Dearg

In the afternoon we drove to the carpark at the end of the road in Glen Nevis. From there it's a short walk through The Gorge and beyond to the wire bridge. 'Real' tourists where already there. A group of Italians (?) on sneakers, office footwear and even high heels, no jackets, only shirts and blouses. At least they were having fun until snowshowers started to visit the glen. Hasty retreats through the River Nevis and across the wire bridge were started. If the guys on the wire bridge would have known one of the wires would snap a couple of weeks later they wouldn't have had such great fun trying to shake one of there friends off.

Today the bridge was still there for Gillean to try. His arms were just long enough to hold on to the upper wires. 

Glen Nevis and Steall Falls
On our return we stopped at the Achriabhach waterfalls to have a look around

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Alan Sloman zei

Hi Theo - your lad is a braver man than I! I hate those wire bridges.

Nice blog - I hadn't realised you were blogging as well. I shall put you on my "Great Places to Visit" list.

Theo zei

Hi Alan,
The boy used to have vertigo on anything higher than 30cm/1 foot but my regime of pushing his limits has paid of. Nowadays he goes up indoor climbing walls like an old lady in an elevator : smiling and with speed.

Thanks for putting my blog on your "Great Places to Visit", I can do with some increased digital traffic. Statics say most hits come from Merkins and the Fwench while I'm obviously aimimg at the UK and The Netherlands.
Being on your list means I'll have to blog more often.
BTW I'll have to extend my own hitlist, you're not on it .

Theo zei

Read 'statistics' instead of 'statics'. Duhh...