zondag 10 oktober 2010

Tuesday May 11 : to the foot of The Cobbler

Another mixed day with a lot of sunshine and wintry showers. We drove south to Arrochar and parked the car at the start of the concrete staircase. I had been to the Cobbler about ten years ago with my Scottish friend Jimmy from Paisley. He was supposed to join us today but he had to stay back home to collect next of kin from Manchester airport. Their flight was delayed for many days because of the eruption of an Icelandic volcano and the ashcloud that came with it.
Ten years ago we started our walk alongside the Buttermilk Burn and on our return used the concrete staircase. Today I thought it was the best option to start at the concrete staircase. How wrong I was. There's no such thing as a 'staircase' anymore and the climb turned out to be very tiring for Gillean. Had I known beforehand that an easygoing forestpath had been made I would have chosen that option.
After reaching the path that leads to the Narnain boulders and subsequently the foot of The Cobbler walking was much easier but the effort to climb the concrete staircase had taken its toll on Gillean.
We eventually reached the foot of The Cobbler and even ascended onethird but Gillean's battery was empty. I tried to convince him he could overcome his tiredness mentally but agreed with his decision to turn around. We were close but there will allways be another time.
The hot shower and soft beds in the YH were very welcome. 

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