zondag 6 februari 2011

A windy day at Parnassia beach

Yesterday we went to Parnassia beach, just north of Zandvoort. We that is my two sons, my little daughter, me and the dog. A storm was blowing, mainly in the northwest. Not a 'real' storm with winds upto 55 mph but strong enough to enjoy it. After driving for 45 minutes we reached the coast.
We got sandblasted while walking through the dunes before reaching the beach. It wasn't fun. Once on the wet sand the boys and the dog where enjoying themselves but my little girl wanted to return to the car immediately. It was indeed colder than I expected, 10 dgrC., but with a significant windchill.

I acted as a windshield to protect her. After 6 or 7 minutes we retreated to the car. I carried my little girl on my back (a good backpacking exercise) and we got sandblasted again climbing to the top of the dunes.
A flash visit to the coast. Next time without the kids ? 

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