woensdag 14 december 2011

No-good geartester

I'm really no good as a geartester, at least gear for wet weather. There's been a discussion going on in Blogland, started by Alan Sloman , about the effectiveness of Paramo's Directional system and Nikwax.
Is it weatherproof or can the system fail in certain circumstances ? As always you love it or hate it.
I've been willing to test my Paramo Alta Jacket (the old version) but the weather hasn't been very cooperative. November has been the driest month ever recorded in The Netherlands but after my 'complaints' December has been more on the wet and windy side. A fortnight ago I had a chance for testing but the rain stopped as soon as I reached our local woods.
This morning, as my alarm woke me, there was heavy rain. After breakfast I got ready to bring my kids to school and dressed for rain. I had at least another hour of rain to look forward to . The Paramo Alta, TNF goretex trousers and green wellies were donned. I was ready.
Alas, the rain stopped again. The ground underfoot was very soggy and the wellies were heavily tested. They were waterproof. The Paramo has to wait for another time.
Anyone wanting to do the TGO Challenge with good weather is advised to wait for me. Walk behind me and you don't have to bring your waterproofs with you.  

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Alan Sloman zei

Nice. Can you walk in front of me in 2012? It's a bit of a route and nice weather would be cool.