woensdag 28 december 2011

Return of the Falcon

Perhaps you remember the pictures of a falcon visiting my backyard half a year ago or so. It returned today trying to catch a sparrow. Several sparrows were hiding in a hedge close to the backdoor and my son had to remind me to grab the videocamera.

We let nature go about its business until the falcon decided to go for our zebrafinches.  

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Teuvo Vehkalahti zei

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Anoniem zei

Hi Theo. I'm surprised at how long the bird stayed in your yard. I expected it to swoop down, grab a sparrow then fly away. It looked a little young and inexperienced to me.
I presume it flew away OK eventually?

Theo zei

Hi Judith,
I even missed the first 4 minutes or so. We were just looking before my son reminded me of the videocam.
It looked like it had had an injured left wing but couldn't reach the sparrows because of the density of the branches of the hedge. The sparrows were wise enough to stay in the middle. As the falcon hopped around the hedge two sparrows took off like rockets from the other side and escaped. We chased the falcon away as it became aware of our zebrafinches. Later in the afternoon it returned again.