dinsdag 3 januari 2012

Weatherstatistics december

December 2011: warm, ver wet, sunshine normal.

The average temperature was 6,5 dgr.C. (normally 3,7), lowest temperature recorded was -1,9
and the highest 13,4.

Grafiek temperatuurverloop De Bilt

The average rainfall was 150mm (normally 80mm)

Neerslag De Bilt

Hours of sunshine : 52 (normally 49)
Zonneschijnduur De Bilt

On November 30th I mentioned the driest november ever recorded in The Netherlands and in the comments Alan Sloman offered to share the British torrential rain with us.
The raingods listened and did send us rain, a lot of it. Alan, can you please ask the gods to send us less rain ? The temperature is fine (good for the energybill) but the lowcountries have turned into the flowcountries and enough is enough.

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