zondag 25 september 2011

Allt Duine windfarm threat

I have never been in the Monadhliath myself but I've seen them from other places. The Cairngorms for example. The wind turbines they want to build will be visible from many more places and the areas surrounding these metal giants will be destroyed.
Chris Townsend has recently revisited the area and has written an arcticle on his blog. If you love the wildness of Scotland you should read it and use the link for signing the petition.

In the Netherlands building projects can be delayed for years on end, or even stopped, with the use of a law protecting rare species of animals or plants. Isn't there such a law in Scotland ?  

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Alan Sloman zei

Hi Theo

In Scotland the government is hell-bent on more and more on-shore wind power plants. Local planners may well refuse planning permission but then if the scheme is over a certain size central government steps n and over-rules the local refusal.

This is a government that allowed Donald Trump to destroy an SSSI (a site of special scientific interest) to build... a golf course.
The arguments of protecting wild land, sensitive species (golden eagles roam the Monadhliath) have not cut any ice at all with this dreadful government.

Well done for pointing out and supporting this cmapaign.