zondag 4 september 2011

A Munro in Holland ?

Not only a Munro but the highest straight away. I suppose you Brits will envy us for having a mountain higher than all of Britain. With onethird of the country being below seelevel it might make for interesting ascend and descend figures.
What I'm talking about ?
We Dutch are crazy. Y'all know that.
If we can create new land why not create layer upon layer of new land. If you go high enough you can call it a mountain. Let's say approximately 2km high. Would that be sufficient ?
I'm not joking you. Seriously. If you're able to read Dutch see : www.diebergkomter.nl or in English see : peopledaily or theworld .

More than 50 people - and the number of participants is growing - have joined for a brainstormsession.
Geologist, economists, marketeers, ingenieurs, architects, sportsmanagers, advisers and investigators are thinking the unthinkable : building a mountain in The Netherlands.

Yes, we ARE crazy but isn't thinking about mountains always fun ? Perhaps in 30 years time we can all have a laugh about those madmen in 'ye olde days', perhaps I'll be packing my hillwalkinggear for a short holiday-break. To get a bit of practise for the real stuff in bonnie Scotland.
How many years ago did we set foot on the moon for the first time ?

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Alan Sloman zei

Too much time spent in the coffee houses in Amsterdam, I fear!...


Theo zei

Ooh...you're jealous ! ;-)