donderdag 1 september 2011

'Summer' statistics

Could someone please send me a box of sunshine ?

This summer has been the wettest since 1906. In June, July and August the average rainfall in the Netherlands was 350mm, that's 100mm more than normal in this period.
It has also been a bit nippy : average temperature 16,3 C (normally 17 C) and being wetter it feels even colder.
20+ days : 50 (ave. 60), 25+ days : 7 (ave. 21), 30+ days : 2 (ave. 4).
Hours of sunshine have been 525 instead of the usual 608. Especially July and August have been gloomy.
I know you're about to say "we've had a lovely spring this year" but that seems so long ago !
With autumn coming closer, or is it winter ?, I'd like to take a looooong sleep. 

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